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Timberwolf Processing Equipment


Timberwolf Processing Equipment

Matthieu Timmins
2235 Clarks Corners Rd
Marathon, NY 13803
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Phone Number (800) 340-4386
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Product Description

Timberwolf's log splitters are made to be incredibly durable and built to last a lifetime. Each is assembled and welded by hand, ensuring the highest quality possible, and we offer a wide variety of models to suit ever need; from homesteading to commercial use.

Our most popular commercial unit, available in 36” and 48” lengths — delivers 25 tons of splitting force, with a reliable Honda GX Series engine, and 2 stage pump — an industry standard built for maximum speed and productivity. Shown with optional hydraulic log lift, six-way wedge and table grate.


Timberwolf's firewood processors are the most rugged on the market, with incredibly fast cycle times, scalable options, and the ability to power one of our conveyors.

Equipped with a robust 74 HP Kohler Diesel engine, The TW-PRO HD firewood processor deliver a 7-second cycle time. The 5" cylinder and 3 1/2" shaft combination requires less hydraulic fluid to refill the chamber before re-cycling.

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