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Jeremy Pitts
Marketing & Sales Representative
2601 Withers Drive
Hudson, NC 28638-
Phone Number (828) 754-7001
Email 0bd16f07-5bbb-4cde-8e4c-5fc8d3a99788
Company Description

BolDesign, Inc. manufactures and sells custom processing equipment for the wood industry, including drying, curing. Phytosanitation, and heat treating. Our services include consultation, equipment design, manufacturing, installation, training, parts and maintenance services.

All of our products use the latest technology and are designed for simplicity, efficiency, safety, and speed, resulting in low cost of ownership and maximum product output. BolDesign, Inc. is family owned and has sold their patented designs since 1986. BolDesign Inc’s Aerodynamic interior Design gives your kiln, treater, or steamer a totally smooth interior, so nothing impedes interior airflow. This creates the industry’s most evenly balanced heat and air distribution system.

Our product line includes:
Dry Kilns
Track Kilns
High Temp Kilns
Dual Pass Kilns
Pallet Treaters

Call us for complete details about your next BolDesign, Inc. Dry Kiln.

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