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Draft Sync Control and Parts

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Product Description

Sequenced Draft Control System

Maintain Predictable And Reliable Flue Gas Pressures at the Boiler’s Outlet.


  • Reduce Emissions
  • Maximize Your Boiler Efficiency
  • Reduce Excess Combustion Air
  • Fast Acting, Direct Drive Actuator
  • Low Maintenance and User-Friendly Monitor, Control and Indicate Stack Pressure Provide Stable Burner Combustion Conditions

Examples of these potential applications include:

  • Two or more boilers tied into a common breeching or stack.
  • Unusual stack and breeching layouts. Tall stacks present whereby they can create their own draft.
  • Operating environment such as high wind potential or huge swings in temperature.

Equipment Specifications:

Hurst Boiler’s sequenced draft controls consist of heavy carbon steel dampers, fitted at the boiler’s stack outlet and built into the existing smoke box assembly. The damper is secured to the outlet using high-temperature outboard bearings. The burner is wired such that when there is a call for heat, the motorized damper opens during the pre-purge cycle. Likewise, the damper remains open throughout the post-purge cycle. An adjustable draft sensor device provides a pressure sensing signal to the actuator driving the damper back and forth as is required to maintain the pre-set draft pressure desired. A draft gauge is provided so that the operator can visually see the actual draft pressure as measured. In most cases, the desired set pressure range is around .1” to .2” WC.

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