Jake A. Parrott Insurance Agency, Inc.

Company Description

We’re a privately owned and operated agency in Kinston, North Carolina and we deliver insurance and risk management solutions. We’ve served individuals and businesses for 84 years, and we’re committed to giving clients the best products and services possible. We work with a large number of carriers to ensure that our clients have the greatest selection of insurance choices and we provide personalized services so that clients are supported and feel welcome.

We have a wide variety of insurance offerings, including home, auto, life, and health. Our business program provides coverages that can keep virtually any commercial enterprise fully protected for the right price, and our specific-industry programs have coverages that are unique to different lines of work. We have a farm program that gives farmers every opportunity they need to stay secure and to run their businesses smoothly.

We combine policies whenever possible, and this saves clients time and money. To learn more about how we do this, visit our home & auto page and/or our flood insurance page. Floods are concerns in our area so please consider purchasing flood insurance and possibly even combining it with home insurance. You can also speak to an agent about our multi-line policy options.



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