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Established in 1937, Canal Wood is headquartered in Conway, South Carolina and operates offices in seven states across the Southeast. With over 100 timber buyers on staff and over three dozen field offices, we are the largest independent timber merchant in our region with a trusted reputation for expertise, responsiveness, resources, environmental stewardship, and strong service to landowners and mills alike. Click below to learn more about our company’s rich history.

At Canal Wood, we specialize in virtually all types of timber, from veneer logs to saw timber, chip-n-saw, pulpwood, fuel chips, and beyond. We proudly take the time to form relationships with all of our landowners and customers, building trust and acting as a single point of contact for all timber management and buying requirements. We encourage you to explore the pages listed below to find information about our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, learn about our subsidiaries, and more.


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