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Jeffrey Boothby, R.F
102 S. Greene St.
PO Box 215
Wadesboro, NC 28170-
Phone Number (910) 690-2002
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Company Description

Woodsmen Forestry, PLLC was founded in 2010 and is built on the sound principles of Timber Wealth Management that produce our clients the result they are looking for. Making the most of your property and timberland is a bit more than just growing and cutting trees, and we are here to assist you and your family through every aspect that applies to your needs. We customize the management to meet your goals while utilizing a number of proven techniques to maximize your profits. In short, true Timber Wealth Management.

With offices currently in Wadesboro, NC and Denton, NC, we reliably serve the Carolinas and southern Virginia, with a focus on the forestland heavy piedmont region. Timber Harvests and Logging Oversight, Present Use Value, Timber Appraisals, Forest Investment Planning, Timber Basis, Cost of Harvest Reports, Cost Share Assistance, Reforestation, these are but a few of the Timber Wealth Management services we offer.

Additionally, we opened a new division to the company in 2018 that includes wood exports and industrial forest products procurement for several green energy projects. This has allowed us to strengthen and diversify markets for many of our clients while expanding into 2 sectors that have always interested our President/CEO Jeff Boothby, R.F.

Whether you have timberland that you want to make the most of or you need industrial quantities of wood products you’re unable to find or source yourself, give us a call so that we can meet your needs.

Josh Hillyard
481 Gallimore Road
PO Box 1991
Denton, NC 27239
(336) 239-4055

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