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Company Description

Founded in 2004, Enviva is a leading global energy company specializing in sustainable wood biomass. We are the world’s largest producer of wood pellets, which provide sustainable, low carbon heat and power, replacing fossil fuels.

Enviva owns and operates seven manufacturing plants in five states: Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. An eighth manufacturing plant in Hamlet, NC, is under construction. We export our wood pellets through ports in Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia to international markets.

Enviva employs nearly 1,000 people, many in rural areas in the Southeast U.S. where economic development is needed. Our experience indicates that every one job created at an Enviva facility, more than two additional domestic jobs are created in the Enviva supply chain.

Enviva produces sustainable forest products in the Southeast U.S., where private forest landowners are growing 40 percent more wood than they remove every year. We do more than make wood pellets—we help small towns participate in and benefit from the global economy. Enviva is certified to meet the standards of multiple sustainable forestry organizations, and we are proud that our procurement activities provide an essential market for low-grade wood fiber.

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