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The College of Natural Resources at NC State University is a world leader in natural resource education, research and extension services. We’re ranked number 6 in the nation for the study of conservation and natural resources by USA Today.

With 10 undergraduate degrees, 7 master’s degrees and 5 Ph.D. programs, we offer a comprehensive array of programs that train students for careers in all aspects of natural resource management and sustainability. We prepare students for careers in forest management, paper science engineering, sustainable materials, ecosystem assessment, policy and administration, fisheries and wildlife conservation, environmental technology, parks and recreation, and more.

Through outreach, extension and continuing education programs, we strive to spread knowledge throughout the state and the nation. The College of Natural Resources supports three of North Carolina’s top five industries: Forestry, Wood and Paper Products, and Tourism. By offering services to individuals, private landowners, and industry professionals in wood products and land management, we help participants maximize returns on investment, solve challenges and advance goals while ensuring sound management and environmental stewardship practices.

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